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Social Media – Friend or Foe?

Many people live their lives online and the power of social media networks is incredible! We can keep everyone updated instantly with posts, photos and our thoughts.


Remember also that when adding things on LinkedIn or making comments on Twitter, your online presence may be seen by potential employers too.


No matter how brilliant your CV is, a hiring manager may sneak a view of how you conduct yourself in social media and will scrutinise your values and attitudes. Of course, your image is your business but if it negatively affects their business, it could also be why you don’t get that job.


Here are some tips to stop the alarm bells from ringing:

  • Update your privacy settings so that only people you have chosen can view your info

  • LinkedIn is a professional network, so make sure that its used as such

  • Check the photos you have online – a picture speaks a 1000 words

  • Never, ever publicly bad mouth anyone, that’s so not cool

  • Don’t use foul language, lewd remarks or insults in the public domain

  • Be careful who you accept as a friend/follower


We’re not suggesting you become afraid or inhibited, but just to be aware.

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