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How To Advertise Jobs

Creating eye-catching adverts and attracting jobseekers

To attract the best jobseekers eRecruitSmart gives you the benefit of online job advertising. 

Unlike traditional printed media, you can use as many words to describe your role, your environment and the package as you like, which will help you receive more targeted applications to your roles.


Unlike traditional recruitment agents, you’ll see all the people who have applied to your job advert in the applicant tracking software we give you AND we can personally screen each application to present you with a dynamic shortlist of people.


These are a few basic guidelines which will help you to maximise your response rate from higher potential jobseekers.

Focus on communicating, rather than selling
This is perhaps the most important point. Too many job ads are overlooked because they are written with way too much of a flourish. At their core, they need to be communicating and not selling. Wishy-washy content and copy simply won’t have the desired effect. While it might feel as though this can be a beneficial way to sell your organisation because it works on marketing channels, what works for prospective leads isn’t going to work for prospective employees.

Ensure the important information is clear
Write down everything that makes your business unique, alongside the role, responsibilities, experience and qualifications. Make sure that those pieces of information are clear and understandable. This has the added effect of making your company appear trustworthy; people traditionally follow people who show that they are true to their word, and the same can be said for businesses.

Be sure culture is a thing - but not the thing
So we need to make one point perfectly clear. Your company culture is what makes you unique. So clearly it has an important part in a job ad and should be celebrated. However, it should be naturally assimilated into information about your business. Relying too heavily on perks, environment and vision can end up going full-circle and making your ad seem wishy washy all over again.


What Jobseekers want to know:


  • Job Title


How you word the job title can be crucial to your campaign as this is the stage at which candidates decide if they are going to read further.  The title should represent the main purpose of the job and be no more than 50 characters long.   Never mix titles i.e. Customer Service / Driver as your job will be pushed further down the listings as the algorithms will view it as neither a Customer Service role or a Driver role. 


  • Salary


It’s really important that you state clearly the package you are offering for the role.  After all, would you apply for a job where you didn’t know what you would get paid?  Make sure you list any benefits that come with the role too, so candidates know what the full package is.

  • Hours


The standard working times, whether there are shifts and if overtime is paid


  • Location


Which town the job is based and the best way to get to you – by bus, train and whether there are parking facilities


  • Content


The more you say about the duties and the type of environment, the more successful and targeted your response will be which in turn is effective for you in terms of time management and the cost per hire.


  • What the purpose of the job role is and who the end users of your products / services are

  • Write about the duties to be carried out in the job you have available

  • State the level of involvement and responsibilities the jobseeker would have

  • Environment

The jobseeker is looking to get a feel of the environment that they may be working in, so it’s important to make it clear whether they are working independently, within a team or in a supervisor/managerial capacity and how much liaison and interaction they will have with others and whether their contacts will be customers, internal departments or suppliers etc.  For a supervisory or management position, you will need to inform them if motivating staff is part of the job role.


  • Skills

This is where you need to state your wish list of the type of experience you would like and for more technical roles, what type of software / hardware you need them to have used.   Also include information about the communication and organisational skills required.  


State what qualifications are needed and make it clear whether these qualifications are essential to be considered for the role or whether they are desirable.


Do remember, if you put too many things on your wish list, you will be limiting the responses you receive.


  • Application process


Now that you have created a great advert, you now need to make it clear to the keen jobseeker how they can apply for the role.  You could include a final paragraph which gives these details:


“… To apply for this role please contact The Best Company on 0899 545454 and send your CV with a covering letter by email to


It is courteous to let applicants know what to expect in terms of a time frame for a response from you, so you could give them information like “Closing date is 21 June 2019 after which suitable applicants will be contacted”


When writing your advert and indeed for the whole process of recruitment, it is unacceptable and illegal to discriminate on age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or marital status.

If you would like to take advantage of our free job advert writing service,

simply get in touch and let us help you get that recruitment project underway!

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