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Recruitment Software

Our web based recruitment software is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world and on any device, so you can manage your hiring process easily


Our Online Recruitment Platform is designed for recruiters, by recruiters, because we know how important it is for hiring managers and recruitment teams to have effective recruitment management tools at their disposal.


Whether you’re a small business or a large business, efficiency is key. That’s why we give you access to an award-winning Applicant Tracking System & Recruitment Software for free with our recruitment solutions. We want you to get the best results possible from your recruitment campaigns.


You can also use our online recruitment software as a CV Database for the future, building your talent pool from all the applications you receive through our comprehensive job board advertising. We post your vacancies on the best online job sites like Reed, CV Library, MonsterTotal Jobs and Jobsite, so you won’t be short of candidates to choose from.

Have complete control over your hiring process from the start – you can access every application to your role and arrange interviews directly without going through a middleman.

Transform your candidate attraction – get more candidates to apply to your roles through our unrivalled online advertising across the biggest and best UK job boards.

Streamline your recruitment process – review, manage and communicate with candidates at the click of a button from one online dashboard (no more CVs by email!)

No more risk of accidentally deleting emails with CV attachments or having a clogged up inbox – every step is managed within your applicant tracking system, giving you a clear and focused look at your pool of potential employees.

See the best people for your jobs at-a-glance - rank, sort and filter candidates by suitability and search CV applications for relevant keywords.

Reduce your recruitment costs and your time - to - hire – it’s a win-win!

Our online applicant tracking software will help to streamline your recruitment process and make organisation easier, saving you time and increasing your productivity


Multi-user access so everyone in your business can work on their roles

Flag candidates for suitability at a click of a button

Filter your view so only your desired shortlist is visible

Candidate information is securely stored and compliant with Data Protection

Candidate records show the history of the application and your actions

Schedule interviews with candidates that sync with your calendar

Send emails and text messages to your selected candidates

Fast communication with multiple candidates in one click

Email templates are available to make your communications quick and easy

Upload documents, application forms or CVs you receive internally

Use keywords to search for your ideal candidate

Add tags to candidate applications to make future searches easy

Easily see who's applied to your roles previously

View candidates’ online social profiles

Build a talent pool from all the applications you receive



Our job adverts reach more candidates than any single job board or recruitment agency.

We post your jobs on the market leading online job boards like Reed, CV Library, Monster, Total Jobs and Jobsite to harness their collective advertising power and get as many candidates to apply to your roles as possible.

You’ll also receive full contact details for your candidates and view their CV exactly as they have submitted it without any edits from us.



Our flat fee recruitment solutions are more cost-effective than negotiating with job boards individually or using recruitment agencies.

You’ll get full contact details for each candidate that applies through our advertising so you can arrange interviews directly, cutting out the middleman.

You can also make multiple hires with no extra charges, just one flat fee recruitment service.


We acknowledge each application we receive on your behalf by email so candidates are kept in the loop.

We’ll give you multi-user access to the recruitment software so everyone in your team can view the roles they are responsible for.

We store all candidate information securely and in compliance with Data Protection laws and GDPR.


Your friendly Account Manager will give you all the support you need – just give us a call or send us an email.

What about traditional recruitment agencies?


Our online recruitment solutions replace the need to use traditional recruitment agencies, so you can avoid expensive recruitment agency fees. Hooray!


We understand that some clients have complex recruitment needs and work with a preferred suppliers list, so we also include PSL Management as part of our service for no additional charge.


Our online applicant tracking software works wonderfully for PSL Management – we’ll distribute jobs to your selected recruitment agencies and you can eliminate any chance of conflict regarding which company introduced a candidate as each submitted application is time and date-stamped.

If you want to recruit online easily and more effectively, get access to award-winning recruitment software, reach more job seekers and advertise jobs on
the UK’s best job boards - contact us today.
We’ll help you to recruit online the smart way.


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