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Candidate Screening

Let our experienced Consultants screen all the applications you receive and rank them for suitability, so you can focus on the best of the bunch


AI Technology is pretty amazing, but it's not quite there yet. Ever seen what happens when

an AI watches thousands of hours of a TV show and then writes it's own script?

The output is usually nonsense. Hilarious, but nonsense.

That's why we don't use bots to screen CVs through keyword pickups. Using AI for candidate screening can be very inaccurate - you might end up having a shortlisted person who isn't properly qualified for the role but has the right keywords in their CV, or you might miss out on a brilliant person for your role because they don't have the right keywords in their CV.


Candidates are also getting wise to this kind of software and sometimes stuff their CV full of keywords relevant to the role they're applying for just to beat the bots.


So, until the day comes when robots can outperform human judgement, our experienced Consultants will personally screen applications against your criteria so you can be confident that the people we shortlist hit the mark and haven't just stuffed their CV full of keywords.


Reduce your time to hire by saving administration time, allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff


Our team personally screen and shortlist each application to your roles, so you can focus on the best candidates in your pool

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Applications are ranked using a traffic light system, so you can see the best people at-a-glance in your Recruitment Software
Recruit online the smart way, with candidate screening and
application ranking that saves you time 
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