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Job Advert Writing Tips

Five job advertisement writing tips

Advert writing seems simple, and it is, as long as you know how to construct an advert for the maximum candidate attraction possible. Of course, your ability to reach job-seeking candidates will depend on where your job is advertised and its availability to be seen by the most relevant people.

In order for your job to be attractive you will need to take some time to really think about how you’re going to sell your position and give it the edge over positions advertised by others.

Here are 5 steps to create a fantastic job advert:

You need a clear idea of how you want to convey your company, and what your message to a potential employee is.
Your job advertisement is usually the first engagement your potential employee has with your company, so you really need to sell the role and the company to them – if you don’t, why would they apply?


Clearly define the functions/duties your potential employee will perform.
Do not assume that everyone will immediately know what the position is just because of the job title. You need to be informative and explain the duties.


Define the type of person, skills and experience you’re looking for.
This will help candidates assess their own suitability for your role when making the decision to apply, but it will also give you a yardstick when reviewing the applications.


Make sure your advert length and structure is appropriate.
Adverts need to be appealing. Remember, this is your first engagement with your potential employee. By having an attractive job advertisement, your company is portrayed in a good light.


Have a good salary and benefits on offer that’s in line with market expectations.
If you want the right calibre of Candidate to work for you rather than your competitors, your salary package will be the main factor in attracting the right people.


Once you’ve created your advert, ask yourself…


  • Does this position sound appealing?

  • Would I apply?

  • Is it informative enough?

  • Is the information clearly written and easy to read?

  • Is it too long / too short?

  • Would someone who didn’t know anything about our organisation understand the role and how their role and duties would impact the business?

If you would like to take advantage of our free job advert writing service,
simply get in touch and let us help you get that recruitment project underway!


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