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Customer Service Recruitment

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Most companies strive to deliver excellent customer services – after all, you won’t get repeat business if you don’t employ terrific staff.   We all demand to receive super customer service from a person who emits a genuine want to give the person what they need – which is generally a sympathetic ear, a balanced tone and a helpful demeanour.


We always get a fantastic response for customer service roles and it is one of our most popular sectors. Thankfully, employers now recognise how important really great customer service is and the salaries in this sector are becoming very competitive.

Customer Service jobs we’ve filled:

  • Call Centre Executive

  • Client Relationship Manager

  • Client Service Coordinators

  • Complaint handler

  • Contact centre staff

  • Customer Liaison Officers

  • Customer Service Advisor

  • Head of Customer Engagement

  • Team Leader / Supervisor / Manager

An excellent experience with very friendly, efficient and helpful staff. First class customer service.

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