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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions we have been asked over the years…

What does eRecruitSmart do?

We create and publish compelling job adverts on all the marketing leading job boards.



How can you help me to fill my job quickly ?

eRecruitSmart is an Online Recruitment Platform providing multi-job board advertising from just £315 which includes an Applicant Tracking System, so that you can easily and efficiently manage your candidate applications.  Once we receive your brief, your job could be live within the hour!


How easy is your ATS?

Our ATS is really simple to use and we’ll give you a User Guide and we can show you round the system if you’d like and this will only take a few minutes.


How is this better than me just going to one or two job boards?

We create an optimised advert and post your jobs simultaneously on the all the highest traffic job boards – think of us as one Super Jobs Board. This way, your job will be visible to the largest amount of jobseekers.



Where is my job advertised?

Our service includes creating and publishing adverts simultaneously on all the highest traffic job boards including Reed, CV Library, Totaljobs, Monster, Jobsite, Career Builder, CW Jobs which gets picked up by hundreds of aggregators like Indeed, Glassdoor, Adzuna, Trovit and many more. View our job board partners here.



How long is my job advertised for?

Jobs are advertised for 28 days per campaign, although some of our job board partners will show your vacancies for 42 days and you could still receive applications.

How do you choose the job boards you use for advertising my job?

We look at everything from the candidates’ point of view and how they search for employment.  We only work with boards that are highly ranked by the search engines and we continually review this.



If we went directly to all the job boards you use, it could cost us hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds.  How are you able to do this for £395 or less?

Building relationships is of paramount importance to us and this is something we pay great attention to, not only with our clients but also with our suppliers.  We’ve worked with our job board partners for over two decades and have negotiated exceptional discounts as volume users.  We balance a competitive pricing structure for our customers with us making a small margin on each campaign.



I’m used to using recruitment agencies, why should I change?

Recruitment agencies are very expensive and there is only one pool of talent available on the job market at any one time.  You need to capture as many of these job seekers as possible and you can only do this by your job being visible on a vast selection of relevant places.  Most agencies do not advertise on all the premium job boards like we do.  With us, you gain the maximum amount of online exposure for your position to ensure you reach the widest audience of jobseekers. If you still have a requirement to use agencies, this can be done in conjunction with our services and we can manage distributing jobs to and receiving applications from your Preferred Suppliers which will all be documented in the ATS we give you.



What is the cost benefit?

You can pay from £315 to advertise to the widest possible audience and receive the whole pool of available talent or, you can use a recruitment agency who will send you one of the applicants most likely already in our pool, for whom you’ll pay a huge fee should you employ them.  It’s whatever makes sense to you.



Won’t I get more CVs from an agency?

Recruitment agencies will send you a small selection of the applicants they have on their books and generally, the CVs will have been altered and be sent to you without any candidate contact details.  This is because a lot of recruitment agencies don’t want their clients to contact applicants directly.   It may also be because they want to entice the client to arrange an interview with a candidate who may well be in an unsuitable location and by getting the two parties together, they hope that one of them will move the boundaries.  If you have the time to play cat and mouse with a hefty budget, then recruitment agencies are the way for you to go!



What advice can you give?

Recruitment agencies sell you people rather than what is right recruitment solution for you.  eRecruitSmart provides a transparent consultancy service where we will always give you the best unbiased advice. 



How do I get to see the genuine candidate CV?

Recruitment agencies sometimes embellish applicant CVs.  With our service, you get to see every single person who has applied for your role in the way that the candidate has chosen to submit their CV.  We do not make any alterations to the CV - you get them as we get them.



Why should I use eRecruitSmart over other recruitment advertisers?

If you want your vacancy to have the maximum exposure on the best and biggest selection of premium job boards that have the highest candidate traffic, then you really should choose eRecruitSmart.  


It’s always a good idea to compare a selection of suppliers but make sure you ask them:


  • To specifically name in writing every board your vacancy would go on

  • How long your job will be advertised for.

  • Insist on direct answers and for them to put it in writing – we always do!  

  • Check what extras you would be charged for – it may be that they will put your job on a lot of free boards (low candidate traffic) and only a couple of branded boards.

  • How they do their screening i.e. is it by automated filtration which is where online yes and no answers are required.  We never rely on this as most candidates know how to bypass filter questions.

  • What methods of quality auditing do they use?  For example, are they ISO accredited – we are!


I’ve always used newspapers, why should I change?

A newspaper is one issue and you have to hope that the right person has picked up that paper on that day and seen your job and wants to apply for it.  There are lot of variables here because a newspaper advert is not targeted to any specific sector or audience and could lead to a low or irrelevant response rate.  The costs of a newspaper advert can also be very expensive especially when compared to our services, where your advert is displayed to a massive online targeted audience.



With all the different recruitment routes available, why should I use eRecruitSmart?

Delivery of service.  Our experience in recruitment and business solutions is vast, we have a commitment to transparency in all our dealings with you and we are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.   Most importantly, we want your business for the long term, so we will do everything in our power to make sure you’re happy.



Can you help me with writing my advert?

Of course!  We’ll discuss with you the type of person you want and the duties within the role.  Our marketing team will create a highly effective advert designed to attract the most amount of relevant people and naturally, our expertise won’t cost you a penny extra!



Can I take on more than one person on each advert?

Absolutely! You can make multiple hires on each campaign and you’ll also be able refer back to your database at any time in the future to employ other people with no extra charge.



How do you screen?

We take a detailed job description on what you are looking for in terms of person and skills.  We personally screen through all applications and never rely on automated filtration questions that require yes and no answers because candidates will simply put the answer they think you want to see.  And that doesn’t help anyone!


Our experienced Consultants read each and every CV to make sure it meets with your requirements and ranks them for suitability in the Recruitment Software we give you.  To make the decision on suitable applications, we’ll look at a number of factors which include location, skills and work history.  There could also be many other small factors that our experience tells us to take into consideration when studying the application.



What if I want to do the screening myself?

Of course you can! Even though there may be a massive response to your job and with scores of applications, we completely understand if you already have a system in place to deal with this and our role is to work with you in whatever way suits your business best.



But my inbox is going to get clogged with applications isn’t it?

We give you an easy to use Applicant Tracking System, where all your CVs come in to from the job boards and these will be safely stored.  You can also communicate with each applicant from the system, store & send documents, arrange interviews and make notes.



What happens if we don’t receive any applications?

We create keyword optimised adverts and by simultaneously advertising your vacancy on all the highest traffic job boards including Reed, CV Library, Totaljobs, Monster, Jobsite, Career Builder, CW Jobs plus 100s of aggregators, your advert has the best chance of attracting the most relevant candidates and in any event, if there was no applications (which has never happened), we would re-advertise your role again completely free of charge.



Your recruitment software sounds expensive.

It is – but we provide it totally FREE to our customers!



You mean you’ll provide us with our own CV database at no cost?!

Yes as part of our service to you we’ll create a database area for your company and provide you with a secure login.  All CV applications will be sent directly to your unique company area where they will be safely stored. If you would like more than one person to have access to the ATS, we can easily set this up for you at no extra cost. Through this Applicant Tracking System you can build up a talent pool of every person that has applied to any and all of your jobs, which you can use at a later date – very useful if a similar position becomes available in the future.     



I’ve got a lot of jobs that need advertising – do you give a discount?

Simply, yes.  If you have a number of positions, then we are able to provide you with a highly competitive discounted rate per job credit.



Why should I trust you?

We have decades of experience in the recruitment industry and we have been accredited with an ISO 9001:2015.  We are regularly audited for quality and service excellence.



How do I get my job advertised?

When you are ready to book an advert all we need is a brief job spec with a salary range, and then we will design a bespoke advert which is sent to you for approval prior to publication.



How quickly can you post my job advert?

We have a same-day turnaround from you giving us the details to your job advertisement going live and in most cases, your job could be live within the hour!



Are there any other charges to pay?

Our fees are fixed, there are no hidden costs or set-up fees with our service, which means you can budget more efficiently.



What is the cost benefit changing from an agency to eRecruitSmart?

Agencies charge you per person whereas our charges are per campaign no matter how many people you take on from each campaign. Our customers are saving up to 80% on their recruitment costs.



I’ve got 3 similar positions at the same location do I pay for 3 adverts?

If you have more than one of the same position at the same location, you can use the CVs we send you to fill multiple roles and all you’ve paid is £395 (or less) regardless of how many people you employ.    



Do I have to commit to a contract with you?

Absolutely not!   We don’t tie you in to a contract as we want to build a longstanding relationship with you. You can pay as you go or purchase a set of job credits at a discounted rate. All job credits are valid for 12 months.



How do I make a booking?

You can simply click here to book your job or call us on 0333 772 1135.



Our service will integrate seamlessly with your business. No fuss, no hassle.


With eRecruitSmart, your job will receive the biggest and most targeted candidate responses, as your vacancy will have the maximum exposure across all the best job boards.

Let’s come up with a smart recruitment campaign for you.

Great recruitment strategies don't need to break the bank. With our flat fee recruitment solutions, you can recruit online easily and effectively.

We'll post your jobs to the UK's best job boards, give you access to an award-winning Applicant Tracking System and craft bespoke keyword optimised job adverts as part of our recruitment packages.


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