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Marketing & PR Recruitment

We are immersed in the digital revolution and most businesses will need people who can add value and make prominent their service or product offering.


Promoting your company to stay ahead of the competition relies on a joined-up marketing strategy and PR skills.  Your team will be carrying out lots of research, produce mail shots, ensure your website is functional and looks great with relevant backlinks and acres of digestible content.   As well as this, they will be monitoring & measuring the efficiency of PPC and marketing campaigns which means you need candidates who can quickly adopt new methodologies and make your business stand out. 

Marketing, Digital Marketing & PR jobs we’ve filled:

Account Executive

Brand Manager

Communications Executive

Content Writers

Digital Analyst

Digital Marketing

Head of eCommerce

Marketing Executive

Marketing Manager

Marketing Strategist

PR Account Manager

Product Manager

Public Relations Manager


Social Media Manager

They are reliable, efficient and very professional. 

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