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Helen feels so much better now

We were talking with one of our customers and her interesting story is a familiar one, which will resonate with many of you.

Helen is a qualified HR Specialist with years of experience working in SMEs and when recruiting she used a mixture of 1 or 2 job boards and a couple of agencies. With a variety of roles to fill, from managers and maintenance engineers to administrators and sales execs, Helen found she had a “famine or feast recruiting life”. Either there was a flood of CVs (many of which were irrelevant) or there was a distinct lack of applications.

Although getting the right candidate in the role was the number 1 consideration, it was sometimes a very costly exercise. The problem Helen came up against by having “ads on the job boards and using agencies” was that she often ended up paying the agency, only to find the candidate had also applied to her advert – effectively “paying twice for the same thing”.

When Helen came to us, she said there were “a million and one things to do” in her role and she was seeking a “simple solution” to her recruitment dilemmas.

  • The first thing we did was review her job specifications by revamping and optimising her specs to attract the most relevant responses.

  • We posted 4 different positions on all the UK’s best job boards and then set up a bespoke PSL Management system for her – all of which is included in the cost of our job board advertising.

  • We distributed her company’s job advert to her selected preferred agencies and dealt with any enquiries the agency had, leaving Helen much more time to do important HR stuff.

  • The CV applications from the adverts we placed and the agency submissions went straight into our Applicant Tracking System, which gives the company as many users as they like.

  • As the CVs are time and date stamped it eliminated any queries on who submitted the application thus avoiding unnecessary fees. height="120" src="file:////Users/Ani/Library/Group%20Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/TemporaryItems/msohtmlclip/clip_image003.png" /

“I’ve saved masses of time and can view all the CVs, contact candidates by email, text them & schedule interviews through the ATS. I like that I can get logins for my managers so they can look at the CVs as well.”

Giving Helen an award-winning ATS meant that everything was recorded and GDPR compliant, with the big bonus of us being able to substantially reduce her budget.

We’re delighted to have made a difference to Helen and her company.

It worked for Helen.

Be like Helen.

Book your job with eRecruitSmart.


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