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5 Tips for Launching into Recruitment Success as a Startup

With any startup venture sooner or later the ‘r’ word is going to crop up – recruitment. Once your idea is well and truly up and running and resonating with people, (and you’ve given yourself a well deserved pat on the back), the next step is almost certainly going to be reinforcing it with great staff. But recruitment for startups is normally challenging and almost always scary… For any start-ups serious about making their dream a reality, one of the most crucial stages will be recruitment. Often it’s also the most uncomfortable stage, and that is completely understandable. You’ve spent a lot of time, energy and precious resources into this – it is, for all intents and purposes, your baby. Sadly it doesn’t get a lot easier as the people you need to find are going to have to be the best of the best – but you can cope, you’ve been bold enough to make it this far! At these preliminary recruitment stages you’re likely to only be looking to hire a small amount of people, which is why they need to be the best possible hires you can make. But how can start-ups successfully encourage applications from those candidates? 1. Start-up ventures are naturally intriguing While it might not necessarily seem so, start-ups are in a very good position to develop interest in potential applicants. There’s something immensely intriguing and potentially exciting that exists here, a very rare opportunity to play a central role in developing and building something new. That exclusivity can and should be used to your advantage in campaigns. 2. Constant and ongoing recruitment is key Constant and ongoing recruitment is the best way to fully cement your chances of creating the perfect team. An awareness to see and a willingness to accept how each individual’s unique skills could eventually play to the advantage of your venture is what’s required. Many start-ups will find themselves hiring the correct people with a less than clear view of what their complete role profile will be because of how important having the right people is. 3. Keeping a focus on growth in your posts and don’t get ahead of yourself Through recruitment you’re attempting to find the right people to help grow your company, so keep a focus on growth in your posts. When you meet applicants, they should share your vision and be motivated by it, while retaining different skills that you need in order to succeed. Understand that the primary motivations and incentives around your business are currently perspective. So ensure that you personally are great to work with and care for anybody serious about joining you. 4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help If this is your first foray into the world of recruitment, don’t be afraid to seek assistance. Even the most skilled business people are humble enough to understand that they can’t achieve everything themselves. If you’re serious about finding the right people, it could certainly be worth seeking some expert advice. 5. Ensure your job postings reach the right people In order to make sure your job postings reach the right people for your start-up venture, you need to make sure they are sent down the broadest array of recruitment media channels. At eRecruitsmart we treat each job separately, taking care to ensure that they are promoted in the right places for the right responses. Recruitment for start-ups is crucial Start-ups need to remember how crucial recruitment – and good recruitment – is at these preliminary stages. It’s what will cement your business for future growth. That means it requires nothing short of a careful and considered approach. Start-ups should carefully levy the short term costs of expert recruitment consultancy with the potential long term cost that could come from making the wrong hires. Interested in seeing how we could help you? Get in contact today.

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