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Fitting with values and principles is equally as important as qualifications

Historically some industries have been known as being somewhat infamous, if not notorious, for featuring high levels of staff turnover. In most cases, staff leaving after only a short period is usually because they were the incorrect person for the job to start with. This comes about when candidates, despite having superb qualifications and references, are just not a correct fit for the values and principles of the company which has hired them. To help both businesses and employees avoid this negative experience – and indeed valued clients, who suffer from a reduced level of service – we at eRecruitSmart offer a recruitment service that ensures the best and most suitable staff are recommended for the most appropriate positions. Our team has a broad and diverse wealth of experience in different employment sectors. This has allowed us to build up a significant and effective knowledge database, putting us in an unrivalled position when it comes to meeting and fulfilling the needs of automotive recruitment positions. We attract the leading talent in the UK to register with us, meaning that via eRecruitSmart you have access to only the finest and most suitable candidates looking to apply to be part of your business. No matter where your company is based, or in which sector of industry you specialise in, our network and approach will ensure that you attract the best field of applicants possible to select from. We use an intelligent and intuitive approach to each of our adverts, ensuring that they appear to the largest, most relevant audience possible, constructed in a way that makes them accessible and easy to find by people searching for positions. Our strategic partnerships across the industry mean that your position available is featured prominently on websites and in areas that attract both casual employment seekers as well as those that relate more directly to the field or sector your business falls into. Whether your recruitment requirements relate to entry level staff, specialist service support members or even an executive position vacancy, at eRecruitSmart we have both the proven track record of success in the past and the ability to ensure optimal results are delivered in the future. Our diversity and flexibility means that we can accommodate any specialist requirement or request, with our 100% dedication to ensuring that the details and the needs of our clients are always given the strictest and strongest attention. At eRecruitSmart we serve to make it easier and smarter to find the right staff for you, not harder.

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