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The Impact of Technology on Recruitment 2018

It seems a lifetime ago that recruiting involved placing an advertisement in a newspaper, with applicants applying with CVs in envelopes or sending a fax. However, with the creation of the Internet and social media sites, technology has made its way into the recruitment industry and left its mark.

Technology’s first impact on recruitment was people’s interaction with recruiters. Candidates began emailing CVs and recruiters started advertising their vacancies on their website and now there are a host of brilliant tools to make the recruiting journey much easier for both candidates and companies.

Recruitment Software

Recruitment software is one of the biggest features to emerge from technology’s input into the industry. The cloud based technology has a host of useful features, such as an applicant tracking system where you can communicate with candidates, scan candidates’ CVs to find matches that are suitable for the job, arrange and document interviews and so much more. The software makes the hiring process easier as all templates, documents and records are easily accessible from one dashboard, which is available 24/7.

Video Interviewing

In the wake of technology, face-to-face meetings swiftly moved to telephone calls and Skype video chats. However, video interviewing is now one of the best ways to reduce a company’s time to hire. The videos are recorded and shareable and can eliminate a lot of candidates that aren’t right for the job before they’ve even stepped through the door. A recorded video gives employers a chance to see what a potential employee has to offer and it benefits applicants too as they may not have the time to get to a physical interview, whereas virtually they can communicate with a recruiter and have their chance at landing the job.

SMS Messaging

You can apply for jobs directly from your phone and it’s of no surprise that people are easier to contact through text, than through their email. Recruiters are now hiring from a generation that are always connected to their phones and texting is a powerful communication tool that the recruitment industry has rightfully got on board with. SMS messaging comes as part of our recruitment software, meaning you can send texts directly from one place and the texts are logged and viewable through the dashboard.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have contributed to social media recruiting that helps companies advertise jobs and get their brand out there. Social profiles provides a chance to consider the candidate and can also help to build a personal relationship between recruiters and applicants as people can get an insight into how a company works.

Technology has certainly left its mark on the recruitment industry and the future holds many opportunities for the industry and will make aspects of the process more quantifiable and time effective.


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