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Catering jobs that allow people to express their style

Owing to the different methodology and definition criteria used by different recruitment agencies it’s not easy to establish an exact and precise number of people presently employed in the hospitality and catering sector. Most reliable estimates, however, put the figure of people employed in the UK at a minimum of 250,000, which serves to indicate how important this sector is to the economy as a whole. Catering recruitment, whether it is to attain staff for long term prominent positions or for casual, seasonal work, is an important element of this industry, as the right and most appropriate appointments can make all the difference to business success and growth happening as planned. At eRecruitSmart we are dedicated to ensuring all businesses operating in the hospitality and catering industry attract and attain the best and most suitable of staff. The approach we take at eRecruitSmart is to ensure that we present a comprehensive range of potential candidates to employees that is as wide and versatile as possible, but yet remains focused only on employees who are likely to be of great benefit to a company. We do this via means of keeping an extensive database of the leading candidates available at this moment in time and by using intuitive, intelligent advertising which makes your position available to the widest and most relevant market possible. The eRecruitSmart approach is one of ensuring that all potential, viable employees are informed and are aware of positions for which their skills are best suited towards. Our dedication to ensuring the best available staff are represented and presented to the hospitality sector for catering recruitment means that eRecruitSmart have a specialist team in place. This team seek to always understand and enhance their knowledge of what employers expect and require in candidates, whilst also managing the expectations and applications of those looking for a position within the industry. This allows us to attain insights and knowledge from both dynamics of the employee and employer perspective, something that facilitates us being able to ensure staff and businesses are well matched. Whilst we make sure that all modern means of communication and advertising are embraced to make candidates aware of the vacancy you have, we at eRecruitSmart do not lose sight of the value brought to applications and evaluations of candidates by ensuring the personal touch remains prominent. In the hospitality and catering sector – perhaps more than in any other industry – the personality and disposition of an individual is equally important to their skills and qualifications. We ensure that candidates who are of a preferable personality match to your company are the ones presented to you for consideration.

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