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Revolutionising recruitment for business & industry

Are you responsible for recruitment? Are you interested in saving money whilst achieving your company goals? Are you looking for the most talented people to drive your business forward? eRecruitSmart can take care of all your recruitment needs. Our forward thinking company has an inspired solution that is sure to save you time and money whilst embracing the best bits of “traditional” recruitment. So, what is eRecruitSmart? eRecruitSmart is an Online Recruitment Platform and the most cost effective alternative to using expensive employment agencies and direct advertising methods. What exactly does eRecruitSmart do? We make recruitment easy. eRecruitSmart creates compelling adverts and places them on all the top ranked job boards, niche specialist sites and social media platforms, which guarantees to attract the widest audience of targeted job seekers. Our selection techniques ensure we provide an exceptional consultancy service that engages with everyone we deal with.

We offer Fixed Fee Recruitment services, Media Buying services and a standalone Recruitment Software (included free within our Fixed Fee Recruitment packages). What kind of companies does eRecruitSmart work with? eRecruitSmart is the preferred consultancy partner to SMEs & national brands for a rich variety of industries all over the UK and we are considered to be an integral part of their recruitment process. Why change the way things have always been done? Traditional employment agency fees are a massive business expense and newspaper advertising is a risk as there is no particular target audience, so it is essential that the steps you take in order to handle your staffing requirements are effective and don’t break the bank. Most employment agencies will only advertise on a couple of job boards and rely on databases of passive candidates. This means the time to hire can be lengthy and you, the client, are not getting the broadest selection of people applying for the job. eRecruitSmart was created to provide companies a complete recruitment solution and a cost effective way of attracting the most & very best people in the job seeking world. We have filled thousands of jobs in Senior Management, Sales, Retail, Hospitality, Customer Service, Administration, Engineering, Automotive, Manufacturing, Marketing, IT & Accounting. What are the benefits of using eRecruitSmart? eRecruitSmart will save you hours of valuable business time. You can fill multiple positions from each campaign and with the Recruiter Software we give you as part of our service, you can build a talent pool of Candidates for future use and effectively manage your recruitment process from one dashboard. What is the cost? For Fixed Fee Recruitment pricing, please click here. If you're interested in Media Buying or standalone software, please contact us for a bespoke quote. Why choose eRecruitSmart? Many companies come along and promise to save you time & money but it’s not every day that you find one that actually keeps that promise. Our company is ISO 9001:2008 accredited, we are Investors in People Gold and we guarantee your satisfaction by giving you exceptional customer service and a dedicated Account Manager.

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