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Certain you’re attracting the best people to your vacancies?

Here’s a quick question for you …. If I could show you how to find excellent staff without expensive agency fees, would you be keen to discover more? OK, so it’s a no brainer! Every thriving business wants to source the best candidates and hire the perfect people. It’s a sure-fire way to get that all important competitive edge. But I’m sure you know, the tricky bit is enticing the best people to apply in the first place. Interestingly, you’ll find this task far easier once you’ve nailed your Candidate Attraction Strategy, which is a fundamental step in the recruitment process. If you don’t create a high quality candidate pool (I can show you how), your entire recruitment campaign could be compromised. In addition, the risk of making the wrong hire increases too (ouch). These are the reasons candidate attraction is our number 1 priority, when helping you fill your next vacancy (and why national brands and thriving SMEs trust us to help them find the best staff). Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us: 1. A top quality candidate pool sourced for your vacancy – Guaranteed 2. Pay a low flat fee: You could hire your next member of staff for a fraction of the ‘finder’s fee’ you’ll pay a traditional recruitment agency 3. Enjoy smart candidate management: All CVs held in your very own Candidate Management Database (a system that’s unique to eRecruitSmart clients) 4. Exceptional service: With our ISO accreditation you can be sure of attention to deal and making your task of hiring staff that much easier Regardless of the position you need to recruit, I’m certain our service can help you start hiring great people – just like we’ve done for so many businesses in your industry sector. Whilst you can find out more here on our website I’d love for us to have a no strings attached chat. Just contact us by email or give us a call. It’s the easiest way to discover how you can embed a proven candidate attraction strategy into your recruitment process. Then next time you need staff, you can be sure you’ll take your pick from the best candidates the current job market has to offer.

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