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Recipe for Recruitment Success

As a recruiter myself, I think I speak for all my fellow recruiters out there when I say that we all wished we knew the recipe for quick, easy and successful recruitment every time. Well here it is. The answers are right here from the UK’s leading outsourced recruitment management’re welcome!

How to find out who's really interested

To help you better separate the wheat from the chaff, you need to use another layer between CV submission and the face-to-face interview. The most effective way to do this is by inviting all shortlisted applicants to click a button on their mobile and complete a Video Interview.

Use an easy to organise Interview and Recruitment Day Scheduler

There’s no need for Recruiters to spend hours (sometimes days!) going back and forth with candidates, waiting for them to reply, to then having to save the eventually confirmed interview details in 3 different documents and calendars when you could just use an Interviewer Scheduler that does all the hard work for you!

How to attract dream candidates to you

Active candidates (those who are actively job hunting and/or not already employed) are most likely to be your dream hires, but you'll never attract them without marketing your job adverts in the right places. You will never reach those star players by posting your adverts on just 2 or 3 job boards, but we all know that advertising on multiple job boards can be very expensive. That’s why it is best to advertise your roles through a marketing expert who can post your jobs across ALL of the best online Job Boards for one low cost fee instead!

How to utilise past candidates

If you're advertising correctly you will receive more candidate than you have roles to fill. So what do you do with all of those unsuccessful yet good, quality candidate CVs? In the past, you may have overlooked a good candidate for some reason or another - perhaps you only had one position available, or they weren't an ideal fit for that particular department at that specific time - but that doesn’t mean you should leave their CV in a dusty folder on your PC when you could be using them for future placements. There is a phrase for doing it right and that is Talent Pooling. If you want to be the best in the recruitment business then you need to know how to Talent Pool effectively and you need the tools to do it quickly, easily and effectively.

Use the right ATS

A recruiter is nothing without their Applicant Tracking System. Recruitment Software is essential for you to do your job effectively; it must be easy and and it must work for you. The happiest recruiters are those who have the right recruitment tools and candidate management & communication functions at their fingertips. If you are a recruiter or business that feels finding the right staff is next to impossible then you need to do things differently. In 2017 businesses and recruiters must have an easy, simple and streamlined recruitment process and an ATS that covers SMS Texting, Video Interviewing, Interview Scheduling, CV Management, Templated and Mass Emailing, Multi-User Access and documented candidate history - these are VITAL tools.

Let's work together to make your recruitment easy - simply get in touch now!


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