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Things to consider to improve your quality of hire

Are you confident that your recent hires have been the best people for your business? Quality of hire is an important thing to consider. Not only is it a key signifier for the strength of your hiring process, it can also be a useful indicator for the direction in which your organisation is headed. With the right people, you can achieve so much more.

Improving your quality of hire isn’t just something you do as a one-off. The most successful businesses understand that if they want to cement their organisation for future growth, they need to be constantly improving, always evolving. A better quality-of-hire comes from constantly honing your recruitment processes.

Attracting the best possible talent in your industry or sector is the only way to move forward. If your competitors are good at it, then you need to be better. Simple as that. When it comes to measuring quality of hire, less than a quarter of UK businesses are confident that they are doing so correctly.

Quality of hire needs to be something you think forward to

Measuring your quality of hire can be difficult to measure. Simply put, it comes from evaluating staff retention levels across your recruitment data. Where retention is low and staff-turnover is high, alongside wider role issues, the hiring process should come under the microscope.

Quality of hire should be something that you constantly have in your mind looking forward. How can we better attract higher quality candidates? How can we better attract candidates who are going to buy into the organisation and invest for longer?

When your focus is constant improvement, you give yourself the best possible chance of attracting the best talent over your competitors. Here are a few things to consider to ensure your on the right tracks…

Always be reviewing your screening parameters

Having strong parameters for applicant selection is important to minimising unconscious bias and better understanding candidate rejection. However, even more important for quality of hire is to be analysing rejected candidates in relation to your parameters and constantly improving your screening parameters.

Revisit and pay heed to every step of the hiring process

Want to know one of the main reasons that professionals notice a drop in their quality of hire? They get swung by the interview. It’s important to analyse the hiring processes of positions with low retention rates to ensure you aren’t making impromptu decisions based on how well you “got on” with an applicant.

Discuss the recruitment process in exit interviews

Exit interview can provide essential insight into candidate experience in roles with low retention rates. Within these, discussing the recruitment process in relation to experience of the role itself will give valuable data that you can use to improve your quality of hire.

Bonus things to consider:

  • Video Interviewing: Video interviewing is a great step to add to improve your recruitment processes and increase your quality of hire. We offer video interviewing as an added option for our partners.

  • High Quality Recruitment Software: Our comprehensive and intuitive software is easy to use and accessible from anywhere, so that you can keep track of your talent pool and ensure the best possible candidate for your role.

  • Better Positioning of Job Ads: One of the main issues that can cause quality of hire to suffer is only advertising on basic job boards. In order to reach the right candidate, you need to make sure your vacancy is marketed across the widest variety of media. That’s where we come in.

Looking to improve your quality of hire? Just use eRecruitSmart. Reach out to us today!

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