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Five unmissable tips for better hires

Have you ever felt the pain of making the wrong hire?

  • The wasted time and effort

  • The headache (even heartache) involved with exiting the individual

  • The time and expense of hiring again

  • The potential negative impact on your culture, productivity, and morale

  • The outcome of any poor customer service

To name just a few… The fear of getting it wrong is a common one among our clients. And rightly so – especially when you understand what’s at stake. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to increase the chance of hiring well: 1. Create the best possible hiring pool: First up, NEVER skimp when it comes to advertising your vacancy. To make the right hire, you need your vacancy to be seen by the broadest selection of candidates. That way you can increase the likelihood of finding the ‘needle in the haystack’. In comparison, if job adverts ARE NOT posted on all the top ranked job sites as well as a selection of industry specific and geographically focused boards, the quality of your applicant pool WILL be undermined. Never skimp on your candidate attraction. Money spent in this initial part of the recruitment process is money well spent. 2. Craft a compelling job ad – the best people will be in demand. Just because you know how great your vacancy is, don’t assume candidates will. Your ad is your opportunity to impress and if you muck up this skilled task, you’ll water down the quality of your applicant pool. 3. Get clear on what you want and what you need – aptitude is important, but don’t overlook the significance of personality. It’s not enough to find someone who has the capability to do the job; you need someone who will fit seamlessly into the team and your company’s culture. It’s why psychometric profiling can be hugely valuable as these tests can give you an objective view as to an individual’s suitability. 4. Consider salary – the amount you’re prepared to pay will have a big influence on the quality of applicants you attract. Pay more and you’ll get more choice. Pay less, and be prepared to compromise your expectations. 5. Stay involved in your recruitment process – whilst you need us to source your applicant pool, screen for suitability and even help with interviewing & profiling, it pays to stay closely involved. Who you hire will have a big impact on the business – and you’re best placed to make those final decisions. If you’d like some outside help with your recruitment, simply email or give us a call on 01923 431789. We’re an ISO accredited flat fee recruiter and have over 30 years’ business & recruitment experience. In that time, we’ve helped recruit thousands of positions across a wide range of industries. Our specialism is candidate attraction and helping you create the highest quality applicant pool, which boosts your likelihood of hiring well.

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