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Helping you recruit new staff members that fit your business perfectly

If your business or organisation want to start hiring people that will compliment your professional environment and contribute to the success of your company, then you need to look in the right places. At eRecruitSmart we specialise in professional recruitment and have been successfully locating and securing new employees for employers for many years. We are a highly proficient team of professionals and we genuinely have a passion for our work. We love to see the fruits of our labour and our campaigns for many sectors including commercial recruitment are always structured to suit each role perfectly. The indelible secret to all advertising is campaign. You need the right one for you and if you know the kind of person you are looking for then your advertisement needs to speak directly to them. We will consult with you and when your exact requirements are established we will create a dynamite ad campaign that will attract the right kind of people. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge we know how to sell a position and we imagine that your potential new employee will soon be reading it. Your position needs to appeal to the people you really want in your employment and that is where we come in. We use captivating keyword rich and SEO optimised 28 day recruitment campaigns that are guaranteed to reach the best job seekers out there. It is imperative that the best job sites available are utilised as the people that really want to work for you will make sure they are a consistent presence on the sites that matter. It is also prudent to utilise the power of other platforms such as newspapers and social media. We do everything to get your job out there and get the best eyes on it. We create specifically designed interview packages that represent the particular role in question and all responses from the candidate are carefully documented so you can make an accurately informed decision. We maintain a high standard of communication with all parties at all times and our efficient consulting team personally screen every candidate. We deliver a bespoke service that finds the people you want for your business and our testimonials speak for themselves. We are very proud to be a successful name in the recruitment industry and our clients can completely rely on our capabilities.

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