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Getting the most suitable candidates is the key to successful recruitment

eRecruitSmart are recruitment professionals that provide specialist consultancy services in order to reach the widest number of job seekers in the UK. We offer specialist services to all of our clients and we make sure that we find the best possible candidates for you and your business. There are a huge number of opportunities created by ever expanding industry and our experience in commercial recruitment is testament to our expertise and knowledge within this sector. Our campaigns always consist of essential elements. We create SEO optimised 28 day and engaging keyword rich recruitment campaigns that are guaranteed to attract the attention of the highest standard of talent and ability on the market today. Our local and nationwide compelling campaigns ensure that our extensive reach to the widest audience of targeted job seekers is unequivocally unrivalled. Our campaigns mean maximum benefits as you are free to make multiple hires on a single campaign and we ensure that we will locate the most suitable candidates for you. Dedicated and committed job seekers devote their time to scouring the job boards that post the positions they desperately want and we make use of the very best job boards available. When you take advantage of our commercial recruitment we will make sure your open positions are exposed to the very best people. We guarantee to display your job vacancies on the most prolific job boards that rank top on the search engines. Job boards alone do not guarantee maximum exposure and there are added advantages to ensuring vacancies are exposed on sites that are specific to industry, local and online newspapers and social media platforms. Technology provides indelible benefits and we harness its power by making our CV database accessible to you so you can peruse the list of candidates that have made applications. This invaluable service allows you to gain insight into the kind of people that are showing interest in your jobs. When people apply for a job it is vital to keep them engaged by maintaining contact. We make sure that we liaise with every candidate throughout the process and for the duration of the campaign we will keep you updated at every stage. To fill your positions quickly and efficiently call us on 01923 431789. Alternatively email us at

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