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Helping the hospitality industry find the right staff for success

It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses in the hospitality industry to directly find and hire the staff they want for their business. Taking on the wrong or unsuitable candidate in this industry can be dangerous and damaging, as the success of businesses in it is built on the quality and skill of the service provided by staff. To address this, eRecruitSmart offer a comprehensive and reliable hospitality recruitment service. if you have a vacancy in your hospitality based business – be it a bar, restaurant, hotel or venue facility – it is crucial that you have staff that are as dedicated and committed to your brand and values as they are skilled in meeting the requirements of the position. Hiring people that seem correct for the job but turns out not to be can be a costly mistake. Other than the use of resources and costs associated with an appointment which was unsuccessful, there is every potential that lasting damage to your businesses name and reputation occurs through no direct fault of your own. Using the professional, experienced skills of eRecruitSmart ensure the chances of this happening are limited if not removed entirely. A wide and intrinsic knowledge of hospitality recruitment is the position of strength from which eRecruitSmart offers their services to your business. The company appreciates that you have worked long and hard to build up an outstanding name and reputation in this competitive field and as a consequence only want the very best staff in place to ensure continued success. As the services offered by eRecruitSmart include candidate screening, competency and aptitude tests, personality profiling and details interviewing, you can be assured that potential candidates presented for your vacancy shall always meet the quality, calibre and high level criteria standards that you want to see. This careful screening and consideration is on top of our extensive advertising of your positions. Key relationships with strategic partners mean that your vacancy is advertised the maximum potential audience of people with the skills, abilities and dedication to meet your requirements. Our team of hospitality recruitment experts have the skills to identify the key skills and factors that make a good candidate for specific positions and will always thoroughly follow through on application vetting until the right person is found for your business. If you are in the hospitality industry and need to make sure you find the best staff possible, contacting eRecruitSmart is the most important first step that you can take. The skills and knowledge the company has can ensure that only the highest quality candidates are considered in becoming a part of your business.

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