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What Recruiters look for in your CV

CVs are all about first impressions, it’s your most important selling tool and without a good CV you will not even get an interview. Some CVs try to look “different” and this can frustrate the reader so keep the format simple and uncluttered.


Don’t put false information on your CV - reference checks and in-depth questioning will confirm the accuracy of your statements. Your CV will highlight your skills, experience and accomplishments, and a well presented CV is likely to encourage the company to actually interview you.


Try to limit the length of your CV to three pages and include details on awards, memberships, courses attended, language and technology skills. And don’t forget to put on your contact details which must include your residential address, phone numbers & email – you would be amazed at how many people forget to do this!


Remember that a short, clean and to the point CV has a better chance of being read all the way through.


There are a few golden rules to follow when presenting your CV and these are:


  • Make sure your CV is up to date

  • A covering letter showing why you are suitable and what interests you about the job

  • Don’t use fancy fonts

  • Avoid making grand claims, unless you can provide examples to prove it

  • Keep the language simple and stay away from using corporate jargon

  • Humour is subjective, so don’t use it on a CV as it can be irritating

  • Be clear and concise in describing your job duties for each position

  • Highlight your achievements

  • Personal interests are just that, so don’t make too much of an issue about them

  • Use spell check!


Your CV needs to make an immediate impact so make sure you structure it an organised way, explain any gaps and when you are sending it over by email, put it in Word or PDF format as no recruiter wants to download software just to look at your CV.

REMEMBER - always double check that you've attached or uploaded the right file before you hit 'send'.   We have received countless "Get started with Dropbox" documents as attachments when candidates have thought they attached their CV!

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