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How video interviewing could help streamline your path to the perfect candidate

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The popularity of video interviewing as a recruitment tool has grown exponentially in the last few years. The ease and accessibility that has comes with widespread smartphone technology has made it a viable choice - so it’s no surprise that a large amount of recruiters are now taking advantage of it in order to streamline the path to the perfect candidate.

Video interviewing allows recruiting businesses to save precious time and resources while also giving them the best chance of finding the perfect candidate. It’s no surprise. As a tool it ultimately serves to eliminate wasted time spent on interviews with applicants that shouldn’t have passed the preliminary stages in the first place.

A substantial amount of small and medium sized businesses have experienced an increased staff turnover because of inadequate hiring practices. To be more precise, a recent Harvard study discovered that around eighty percent of employee turnover can be attributed to mistakes in the hiring process. Incorporating video interviewing saves hours of time and energy and reduces the risk of you losing the best talent quickly.

Why some current recruitment campaigns could do with video interviewing

Screening candidates before the interview stages certainly isn’t a new concept. For years now recruiters have been conducting phone screenings to gather more information about the suitability of a candidate. The problem is that phone screening takes time and investment - time that can be much better spent on other tasks and responsibilities. It’s estimated that employers can actually conduct ten video interview screens in the time it takes to conduct one phone screen.

Companies want to ensure that they get the biggest possible insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each and every candidate that comes their way. But that kind of insight can take time. We believe that video interviewing can be a great addition to a variety of recruitment strategies.

Obviously we have already mentioned that video interviewing minimises the need for phone screens, but here are some of the other greatest benefits…

Ensure the best candidates aren’t overlooked for high-volume vacancies

Video interviewing can be really useful for vacancies with a high-volume of applications. It can be difficult to sufficiently review all of the applications in these cases. Video interviews allow you to streamline this process and ensure that you haven’t overlooked the perfect applicant.

It also means that you won’t have to schedule a huge amount of phone screens!

Quickly compare and contrast candidates

Recruiting professionals often find themselves struggling to compare and contrast clients without holding up the hiring timeline. Quite often time-to-hire is a big deciding factor for highly-qualified professionals. Video interviewing can help reduce the risk of your losing the perfect candidate to a competitor by allowing quick and easy contrast.

Reduce time-to-hire

Perhaps the biggest benefit to video interviewing is the impact it can have on reducing time-to-hire. Video functionality allows you to work within time constraints, especially with those highly-qualified candidates who have limited availability and demanding schedules.

Video interviewing may well be the ideal addition to your recruitment strategy. Get in touch today to see how we could help streamline your path to the perfect candidate!


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