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How to use what’s unique about your culture to create compelling job ads

Working with your organisation might be an incredibly rewarding experience, but that’s no use whatsoever to recruitment unless you properly communicate that with potential applicants. When creating job ads, bearing in mind what’s unique about your culture can be the first step to finding and hiring the ideal candidate. When it comes to job ads, it goes without saying that serious content is important. Salary, perks, the responsibilities of the role itself - these are all things that play a significant role in an applicant deciding on whether or not they want a job. But remember that you want to make a hire that will last for the long run and have a positive impact on your organisation. And chances are, your ideal candidate will want the same thing. So what makes a candidate buy into an organisation and not just a job? The answer, simply put, is personality. Whatever makes a business or organisation unique should be celebrated in job ads. It’s often these ‘cherry-on-top’ aspects that make all the difference. They are the deciding factor on whether or not the ideal candidate decides they want to apply. Here are a few ways you could be using what is unique about your company culture in order to create compelling job ads. Focus on communicating, rather than selling This is perhaps the most important point. Too many job ads are overlooked because they are written with way too much of a flourish. At their core, they need to be communicating and not selling. Wishy-washy content and copy simply won’t have the desired effect. While it might feel as though this can be a beneficial way to sell your organisation because it works on marketing channels, what works for prospective leads isn’t going to work for prospective employees. Ensure the important information is clear Write down everything that makes your business unique, alongside the role, responsibilities, experience and qualifications. Make sure that those pieces of information are clear and understandable. This has the added effect of making your company appear trustworthy; people traditionally follow people who show that they are true to their word, and the same can be said for businesses. Be sure culture is a thing - but not the thing So we need to make one point perfectly clear. Your company culture is what makes you unique. So clearly it has an important part in a job ad and should be celebrated. However, it should be naturally assimilated into information about your business. Relying too heavily on perks, environment and vision can end up going full-circle and making your ad seem wishy washy all over again. Embrace video interviewing We offer video interviewing as part of our services. This can be a great way for you to screen multiple applicants over a shorter space of time, and also has the added benefit of still feeling unique. For forward-thinking cultures, it can be a great way to encourage applications by like-minded talent.


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