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The Rise of The Video Interview

One of the most valuable elements of the hiring and recruitment process is Video Interviewing.

Today’s most talented candidates are busy and in demand, so one of the best ways to access top talent faster and engage with them is to use Video Interviewing as standard at first interview.

This makes it far more convenient for candidates, which means they will be more likely to interview sooner with first round video interviewing than if they had to meet face-to-face.

Video interviewing has been around for a while and successful recruiters are using it every day as it has tried-and-tested benefits, which it can bring to your business.

If you are not conducting video interviews regularly, you may be placing yourself at a real disadvantage when the video interviewing strategy is already such a core part of the successful recruiters hiring process.

Employers and recruiters are utilising integrating new technologies like eRecruitSmart’s Video Interview function into their daily interview activities to give their talent attraction processes an even greater competitive advantage and below are the top 7 reasons why:

1. It’s easy to organise

2. Video interviews are productive, convenient (answers can be recorded and reviewed at any time) and economical

3. It eliminates all problems which arise from scheduling or travel

4. It is revealing (employers can really analyse the non-verbal cues from candidates which can be easily missed during a live face to face interview).

5. Recordable and shareable – employers can sit back with or without colleagues and watch the recorded Video Interview at a time suited to them allowing for evaluation & re-evaluation at your convenience

6. Minimises any delays that may arise as a result of your own internal scheduling conflicts.

7. Cuts Costs. Travel costs is often the primary reason for candidates failing to attend interview and video interviewing can reduce both the travel expense costs (of candidates and interviewers) and lost effort/travel time associated with face-to-face interviewing.

If you would like to know more or are ready to talk about Video Interviewing for your business, speak to one of our Recruitment Experts today.

Let's work together to make your recruitment easy - simply get in touch now!


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