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Marketing your vacancy to attract the best talent to your business

If you want to attract the best talent to your business, you can’t waste your time and money on inadequate advertising. Instead, you need to invest it in marketing your vacancy the right way, in the right place, to the right people.

There are no two ways about it - if your competitors succeed in attracting the best talent to their business, then that’s good for them, and it’s no good for you. In order to stand out and make your business more competitive, you need to have the right people in place. People who are going to lead you forward and help you grow.

Let’s get one thing straight though - recruitment isn’t easy.

Although many services would happily have you think otherwise, recruitment isn’t an easy thing. Cheap, basic, one-size-fits all recruitment packages might seem competitive at first glance - but recruitment isn’t one-size-fits all, and your industry is anything but basic.

Think of it like this. If very little is invested into producing a product, the finished product is highly unlikely to last very long. The same can be said of recruitment services that focus on just getting somebody, anybody, into a vacancy in order to get their commission. They can’t be certain that that candidate will last or even be any good.

Before we go on, here are three questions that you should be asking yourself…

  1. Just how do I attract the best talent to my business?

  2. How do I ensure my vacancy is filled by the right person?

  3. Can I even be certain that one service or process is better than any other?

And here, in no uncertain terms, are the answers…

  1. Use eRecruitSmart.

  2. Ensure it is marketed down the correct channels to the right people.

  3. Yes - - read on for a full explanation…

Good recruitment isn’t advertising - it’s marketing your vacancy.

Bear in mind that what many services are good at is marketing their services to you. What they need to be good at (and, indeed, what we are good at) is marketing your vacancy to the best talent in your industry.

Our product is stronger than using individual job boards because we market your vacancy down the widest array of media, and the most relevant industry-specific job boards. We focus on marketing your vacancy to the right people for your business, not just the right people for us to fill your vacancy quickly.

Because of this, our product is able to be the most efficient at discovering the highest level of candidate. We have in mind your immediate need to fill your position by the right person with an understanding that that position needs to stay filled.

Marketing to the best talent and pooling them together

Our product allows you to pool all available candidates. A pool of high-quality, talented professionals who you can sieve through to find the ideal high-quality, talented professional for each individual role. When you have the right person in place, your business becomes way more competitive.

Suddenly it’s you who has the edge over your competitors.

Our years of expertise and quality standards means that we are able to offer the most professional of timely recruitment solutions for our partners at the most competitive cost.

Let's work together to make your recruitment easy - simply get in touch now!


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