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8 of the best recruitment blogs

Recruitment is a huge business. No surprise then that there are thousands of blogs on the internet telling you exactly how you should be doing things and delivering the latest recruitment news. But with so many personal and professional agendas in mind, how do you decipher which sites are worth your time and which are mainly recruitment fluff?

Take into consideration how busy your average recruitment or HR professional is and it becomes even more important to distil the best information on the internet.

We have read our fair share of recruitment news sites and blogs in our time. So to save you some time we have listed our 8 favourite recruitment blog posts that are go-places for finding all the information you need to progress your career.

You didn’t think we would start a list of the best blogs without introducing our own source of leading recruitment information did you?

We understand that by providing you with some of the best insights on industry trends and forward thinking strategies our brand comes to top of mind when you need a helping hand with recruitment. That is why we are proud of the high level of content we include in our leading blog.

The Blog section of the eRecruitSmart website covers subjects from workplace equality to the latest technologies available to make your recruitment process smoother, easier and faster.

But you already knew that…you’re reading it right now!

Matt Charney knows what he is talking about when it comes to HR and recruitment. He has worked with behemoth companies including Warner Bros and The Walt Disney Company to source industry leading talent.

His website ‘Snark Attack’ is a source of fun, to the point and compelling content on recruitment, social media and on the latest trends from the HR world. We love his distinctive writing style and often jump on the blog to catch up with news and to have much needed chuckle to ourselves.

The Sirona Says blog is the insight branch to the Sirona Consulting website. Written by industry leader Andy Headworth, the blog attracts over 2000 visitors every month and has over 1000 people signed up to their mailing list to make sure they get the content first.

It is clear that the blog is an industry leader, having won The UK Recruiter blog of the year award in both 2013 and 2014. Andy’s approach is very practical and hands on with a lick of comedic value to spruce up some potentially dull subject matter.

The Undercover Recruiter blog is probably one of the most diverse business focused blogs on the internet. Content appeals to both recruitment and HR professional and even includes information useful to job seekers.

Due to its wide applicability it is no surprise that Undercover Recruiter is one of the most popular blogs in the UK & Europe in this space. The content on this blog is a mix of directly applicable and hands on information such as 25 Extremely Useful Employer Branding Tools to more strategic looks at key themes in the professional workplace including blogs like What Role Does Personalization Play in Employee Wellness?

The G2 Crowd website may not be the most obvious place to find leading information in the HR and recruitment space. An organisation that helps businesses and individuals to find the most suitable software for their needs (including recruiting solutions), their learning hub is a rich source of business information.

Expect to find content on all subjects from sales to marketing and management. From a HR and recruitment perspective you will find articles tackling key issues and giving expert advice such as Don't Ask, Don't Answer: Inappropriate, Crazy, and Illegal Interview Questions and How to be Happy at Work (+12 Happiness Tips).

Not everybody likes to digest their information by reading. For those people Greg Savage offers a mix of video, written and audio content. This is especially useful for those that like to learn whilst on the go – podcast anyone?

Greg’s approach to content is zero fluff and he tackles some of the largely un-tackled issues within the recruitment industry. Expect to see articles like RECRUITMENT. THE BEST IT’S BEEN FOR A DECADE! and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND RECRUITMENT. THE 250 WORDS YOU NEED TO READ.

Greg is a true influencer in the recruitment space with 37 years of experience, 56k+ Twitter followers and 212k+ LinkedIn followers.

Social recruitment is an interesting and ever developing area. This is why Social Hire, a blog dedicated to the tool, is part of our top 8 list.

By tackling key aspects such as the future of digital hiring and recruitment and how employers can screen potential candidates based on their social media presence, this is a go to blog for the forward thinking recruiters and HR professionals that want to leverage the power of social media to their benefit.

Recruiting Daily offers those in the recruiting industry a place to go and learn from others as well as keeping up with all the latest news. With consistent contributions from a range of industry professionals, this site is excellent for those looking to get a varied point of view on a range of subject.

Covering a variety of subjects, expect to see everything from opinions on maternity leave to how Alexa and chat bots could be the future of recruitment.

It is clear that there are vast range of top resources available online for the forward thinking and knowledge hungry recruiter. By picking through the noise and finding the best blogs and sources of information that meet your needs you can streamline the learning process and get more done.

The blogs we have highlighted in this article are industry leaders and well worth bookmarking for future reference. Regardless of whether you want to the point information, something a little more strategic or just the latest recruitment news there is something for everyone.

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