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How to get your job seen by the best talent

If you want to ensure that your job ads are seen and responded to by the best talent in your industry, then you need a service that puts those ads directly in front of that talent. You need eRecruitSmart.

A good recruitment campaign is about way more than numbers; it's about quality. Quality copy, quality management, and above all, quality exposure. When you get your job ads in front of the right people you give them the best chance of attracting those people to your organisation. You invest in the right people from day one of your recruitment strategy - which is also investing in your business from day one.

There is only one thing worse than receiving no applications for a job ad and that’s receiving endless reams of irrelevant applications. Having to sift through a pile of bad candidates to find one good one is one thing - but what if there isn’t a single good one in there? That’s just an exercise in time wasting.

No recruitment strategy should play with uncertainty when it doesn’t need to. Low-cost recruiters are often also low quality recruiters - they can get results, but the majority of the time these aren’t the results you are looking for. Either that, or they aren’t results at all.

What is your strategy really worth?

Many low-cost recruiters put job ads on low-cost (or free) job boards. While this can in some cases generate responses for your vacancies, it is often low quality traffic.

This endeavour can result in one of two things; a multitude of applications from unqualified applicants who are unable to progress, or hardly any applications at all.

What makes eRecruitSmart is different (and why you should just use us)

Unlike other recruiters, we put ads on premium job boards and industry-specific sites. We know from years experience that this is how we are able to reach the best possible talent. We will work with you to create enticing copy and get that in front of the right people for your vacancy. We can also offer CV screening as a premium service - ensuring that you receive only the cream of applicants for your job ads.

Why should you use us? We promote your job ads across the widest array of media, networks and industry-specific sites, allowing you to find and hire the right person when it matters, saving you both time and money. It really is as simple as that.

Guaranteed responses or we’ll run your campaign again

Remember what we said about the risk and uncertainty that comes with low-cost recruiters? If it wasn’t enough that we publish your vacancies on all leading, premium job boards, we also guarantee you responses. Otherwise we will run your campaign again absolutely free.

If you find yourself battling to receive optimum applications for your recruitment campaigns, why not get in touch and see how we could help?

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