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How will recruitment look in 2017?

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Acquiring the best talent for your business is all about looking forward. 2016 brought us a whole heap of surprises and the one thing that’s certain across board is that 2017 is going to bring us even more. With that in mind, here are our best predictions for how recruitment will look in the new year.

The uncertainty that has come with Brexit and various global crises has got everyone talking about the right way to approach talent acquisition in 2017. Some may feel like their future hangs in the balance. As we will look at in due course, when it comes to recruiting this could be something of a double-edged sword. One thing is sure, in all the uncertainty investing in future talent will be integral to success.

Considering the recruitment and talent acquisition trends that will define 2017 could also give professionals a good direction for business relationships this year. Whatever your recruitment needs, planning for the new year is always important - and never more so than this year.

Recruitment will get pulled to the front lines

Many businesses recognise the importance of a solid recruitment strategy during times of economic uncertainty. Because of the nature of Brexit 2017 will see those responsibilities thrust to the front lines. Investing in future talent is incredibly important for growth and particularly important for building a future for companies when uncertainty is rife.

With Theresa May aiming to trigger Article 50 by the end of March 2017, businesses are being encouraged to be aware of any new opportunities for development amongst all the predicted doom and gloom in order to stay in the green. There is actually a shared sense of optimism among candidates regarding career prospects post Brexit, but some companies are concerned about the lack of access to skilled migrant workers. A solid recruitment strategy will make use of that increased optimism to discover better talent, alleviating those concerns and cementing future growth.

Diversity in recruitment will be more important than ever

Encouraging diversity is likely to be an important part of recruitment strategies post Brexit. With businesses concerned about a lack of access to skilled migrant workers, they will be looking to tailor their strategies to help build a team with a greater selection of skills, abilities and global experiences. If you’re looking to help encourage diversity through your recruitment strategy, give us a call.

The creation of new roles

It might seem like we are mentioning it a little too much, but Brexit is likely to spell the creation of a number of new specialist roles. Research has suggested that the UK government may need to hire approximately 30,000 specialists to assist with the transition out of the EU. The likelihood is that many businesses will also be looking to hire candidates with skills that could help keep them ahead of their competitors.

The importance of multi-platform recruitment

Social networking sites, industry-specific market-leading job boards and online local newspapers; all will play a pivotal role in 2017. With Millennials now dictating how recruiting is going to look in the future, businesses will need to be sure that their job posts are getting to the right people. That’s what we do the best and we’d love to help you reach the right talent – get in touch today.

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