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Customer Corner: My Choice Children’s Homes

Steve Williams

Who are you and what do you do? I’m Steve and I have over 10 years’ experience working within Human Resources, Recruitment and Selection. Training within a variety of work settings from Recruitment within the Not for Profit sector, Media and Professional Services. I’ve been with My Choice since April 2014 and manage all aspects of the recruitment and selection process.

What’s your history? My Choice was founded in January 1999, to provide residential care for ‘Looked After Children’ and have established an environment that is child orientated and needs led. We provide positive life enhancing opportunities for young people who are unable to sustain a placement in parental homes, foster homes or conventional children’s homes.

Our experience of working in and managing residential homes and schools has led us to believe that children grow and flourish in small family style homes. We therefore provide a safe and secure environment, supporting children and empowering them to face issues both in their past and present that may have caused difficulties.

Our homes provide a comfortable, non-institutional environment for young people to begin to work towards their future and independence.

All of our homes are registered and we have established a very positive working relationship with Ofsted. We work in partnership with all our Placing Authorities, believing that open, clear and constant communication between the home, the young person, parents, families and the social worker is essential to ensure effective and safe childcare. Where appropriate we will always support and encourage a young person’s return to home or to alternative carers.

At My Choice, the young people are encouraged to make positive choices with their lives with staff support. The choices they make can influence their future plans and goals. The staff team, with other professionals supporting each young person, guide and encourage these life choices within the boundaries of the home and society.

We believe all young people bring with them unique life experiences and as such we treat each as an individual, being very clear about their specific needs. We look after the young person, not the perceived problem.

Who are your customers and how would they find you? We work with Local Authorities across the country who place looked after children within our Homes.

What is the best thing about working for you? Working with young people to give them a better start in life and seeing the difference that is made to them in conjunction with the support staff that look after them whom I recruit across all our Homes.

What’s the best bit of business advice you can give? Always do your research when going to an interview and find out about the company you are interviewing at. A lack of knowledge is no excuse as a quick internet search will provide you with the information you need.

What type of animal would your company be? My Choice Children’s Homes would be a Labrador dog as we are approachable, caring and loyal.

Do you have a slogan or brand message? The Home of smiley people.

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