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Recruitment Predictions for 2016

Analysing key recruitment trends can and should be a major contributing factor to the development of your business. Using year-on-year statistics to predict future trends can help with your understanding of what avenues you should be focussing on developing. At eRecruitSmart we use our knowledge of recruitment trends to establish the best possible solutions for your campaigns. We understand that when you run a business it can be very difficult to set aside the time to invest in recruitment trend analysis. Our service is driven by evolution and centred on our expert understanding of the industry – so by using us you can sure to get the results you without drowning in data. To give you an idea of the recruitment industry as we enter into 2016, we’ve made our recruitment predictions to be as practical as possible… The data used for our predictions is findings from LinkedIn’s Global Trends Report for 2016, which used the results of a survey of industry leaders and professionals to decipher top priorities, possible challenges and future opportunities. The most important metric Findings have suggested that the most valuable recruitment metric for next year is going to be Quality of Hire, with 39% of those surveyed agreeing. A close second is Time to Hire. Much of Europe use performance evaluation to analyse Quality of Hire and measure the success of a recruitment campaign, while the preference in the UK is still for measuring hire quality through analysing turnover and retention rates. To succeed in 2016 UK recruiters will have to analyse whether or not they are maximising the potential of their campaigns – not only basing success on filling positions as timely as possible but also considering the quality of the candidate in question. At eRecruitSmart we are the preferred recruitment partner to businesses nationwide because we consistently deliver just that – the highest quality candidates in a cost-efficient way. Small businesses need to focus on maintaining a stream of quality hires As we enter into 2016, small businesses have a different focus to recruitment than their larger counterparts. While larger companies can offset their recruitment for experienced roles by focusing their hiring efforts internally, smaller businesses need to focus their efforts on recruiting a steady stream of quality hires. We at eRecruitSmart focus on job posting across the best possible variety of media for each campaign, including industry-specific boards. This helps our partners to balance time to hire against quality of hire and get the best possible stream of candidates for their recruitment budget. Internal mobility could be a contributing factor to attracting candidates While many recruiters have grown to understand that competitive recruitment packages are a contributing factor to retaining the best talent, internal mobility has been overlooked in the past – and it is a considerable factor for keeping employees. A staggering 23% of employers globally aren’t tapping into the recruitment potential of internal candidates much or at all. Keeping our finger on the pulse of recruitment Whatever trends develop throughout 2016, we will continue to focus our job postings wherever candidates are looking. If you are looking to maximise your recruitment potential into the New Year we would love to show you the difference we can make. Get in touch today to discuss the kind of candidates you want to be attracting.

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