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How to lose a customer really easily

I’d been using the same company for printing for around 4 years. I don’t spend a fortune, that’s true, but every little helps as they say.

I sent an email through the contact section on their website asking a really easy question – it was about giving them some more work. No response. Four days later I decided to ring them, and the very uninterested person who picked up the phone could barely summon the energy to find our details on the system. Sorry for boring you love. They received our email query but didn’t know why it hadn’t been answered, and promised they would get someone to call me tomorrow. Tomorrow evidently didn’t happen, so I rang again. The person was clueless about our request for a quote. Patient person that I am, I left my details yet again and rang them the day after. The person (a different member of staff to the previous call) said they would look into why no one had called back. Guess what? Reader, you’re ahead of the curve! Of course no one called me back. So, I made one final call because I really wanted to give this long term supplier the benefit of the doubt. Still no joy. A whole 10 days after my first enquiry, someone emailed me – not called me as promised – to see if there was anything they could help with. They hadn’t bothered to address my specific enquiry / complaint, but just did an e-pitch to see if there was anything they could help with, sweeping under the carpet the reason for me initiating a call in the first place. Funnily enough I replied, “no.” I found an alternative supplier – one that isn’t terribly scared of the telephone. Even though my original supplier acts as though it is, the reality is that their business is not unique. Search online and you’ll see zillions of companies who are really keen for a new customer, and some of them will even show it by dealing with their enquiries promptly! The lesson? Take care of the simple things. When a customer calls your business to spend money, deal with it effectively – then you could add thousands of pounds to your bottom line. Our recruitment campaigns are designed to help you attract the right people for your business and the right people will definitely add thousands to your bottom line. To request a media pack and to discover how partnering with eRecruitSmart could help you find brilliant people, simply contact us on 01923 431 789 or email me at

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