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Helping the best candidates available find their dream job

With regards to the crucial area of recruitment it stands to reason that all employers need to utilise the services of a company that is in possession of all the capabilities to source and secure the finest calibre of candidates. We know that you are looking for the people that will ultimately compliment your company and zealously contribute to its growth, development and success. Contrary to some opinions there are a staggering amount of people out there that desperately want to work and it is our job to find them, in particular to find the ones that want to work for you. At eRecruitSmart we feel it is important to have faith in your business and everything you have to offer potential employees in order to attract the best ones. We believe it is a two way street and that the right person is out there waiting to discover the job you wish to advertise. We specialise in creating outstandingly compelling advertisements that are then placed on the most prestigious and prolific job sites available. We simply have a stellar record of success in the catering, commercial and care recruitment sectors along with many others. Our many strengths include our captivating recruitment campaigns that not only grab the attention of the best jobseekers but retain it. Because we use the job boards that rank the highest we guarantee to gain access to the largest number of people. We do not stop there as we believe in going the extra mile by targeting industry related sites as well as making use of newspapers and the indisputable power of social media. When it comes to recruitment we offer the benefits of the same high standards for every single campaign. Our knowledge, skill and experience is second to none and it is accompanied by the other magic ingredient that every successful organisation needs – a passionate and dedicated thirst to deliver nothing but the very best.

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