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Health and Care services are woven into the fabric of life in the UK

Health and care services across the United Kingdom require an incredible amount of organisation and management that we are perhaps not always aware of. We certainly don’t take the services offered for granted, but in everyday life we perhaps don’t consider how these services are delivered as a consequence of an incredible organizational process, with systems and staff in place that would put the biggest and most profitable of international corporations to shame. At eRecruitSmart we are members of the UKHCA and very aware of the high quality staff required for these organisations to work, which is why we offer specialist heath and care recruitment services. Our services are geared towards ensuring both the maximum exposure for available positions in the health and care services and to enable only the most suitable and best qualified of applicants are forwarded to you for consideration. We have an intrinsic understanding of the need for qualifications and experience to be matched by suitability for the role in the health and care sector, as well as appreciating how difficult it can be for employers to detect the signs of suitability in candidates prior to employment. The disposition, suitability and personality of a potential is as important as skills, abilities and qualifications when it comes to health and care recruitment. To make sure this requirement is respected and met, at eRecruitSmart have in place candidate screening and personality profiling testing that goes beyond the standard levels, ensuring that an in-depth understanding of applicants is achieved. The aptitude testing we offer as part of initial interviews is a bespoke, client-centric nature, always including the specific questions that will present the answers you need about candidates. Our search for care recruitment candidates also appreciate the dynamics of 21st Century working patterns. We are experiencing the greatest ever phenomenon of workers being prepared to move, relocate and migrate for positions. The network of advertising we use embraces this, generating the maximum level of visibility and attention for your vacancy. At all stages of our searches for candidates we ensure you are kept up to date, receiving executive summaries of the nature and number of applications received, as well as highlighting the most significant and suitable of applications. Whether you need administration, operational or qualified, practising carers, clinicians or nurses, we at eRecruitSmart appreciate the high level of importance in making sure that you only employ the best and most appropriate of staff. You can be assured that we are committed to ensuring that only the best and finest of staff are recommended for positions in this vital and important field.

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