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Providing consultancy services to attract the very best candidates

If you are looking to recruit the very best candidates to contribute to the successful advancement of your business, eRecruitSmart are experts in creating professional campaigns to find the highest quality people available. We provide consultancy services that are second to none by constructing enthralling campaigns that are guaranteed to attract the people that really want to work for you and bring a valuable contribution to your organisation. Our service involves collecting the relevant information from you regarding the type of candidate you desire and the duties that you expect them to perform. You can benefit from our advice on the current market place and the optimum way to attract your ideal employee. When we have all the information to get you the right person, we will put together a powerful advertisement and ensure it receives maximum exposure. We know there are many talented individuals out there that are eager to find the job that suits their capabilities. We believe in finding them for you by placing your ad on all the high ranking job boards. The best people will relentlessly search the best boards for the vacancies they want and we will ensure that your jobs are there waiting for them. We at eRecruitSmart have successfully filled thousands of vacancies in all sectors. Regardless of field we possess the necessary expertise in enticing the greatest talent available. Our impressive array of success stories includes Retail, Customer Service, IT, Digital Media, Sales, Maintenance & Repair. We also work consistently with many engineering and manufacturing companies and have filled positions in Quality Assurance and Health and Safety. Whatever your business we will find you the best. Every campaign you participate in with us will involve the same efficient services. We masterfully create compelling campaigns that are rich in keywords to attract the largest number of job seekers available. Once an applicant makes contact we strive to maintain communication. We acknowledge every single application and keep up with correspondence. We know the value in liaising with candidates and we extend the same unfaltering attention to you throughout the entire campaign. If you want excellent recruitment services but need to devote your valuable time and money to achieving your professional goals then eRecruitSmart can deliver specialist support that will meet all your recruitment needs. Call eRecruitSmart on 01923 431789 or get in touch at

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