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Looking for jobs and where to start

Are you getting back into the workplace?

Is this your first job after education?

Do you want your career to take a new direction?

Or are you just fed up with your job?


We spend so much of our time at work and it would be great to make it the best place to be.


It’s time to look for a new job when:


  • You really don’t like Mondays

  • You start taking time off for the most trivial of things

  • You stop caring when you’re late

  • Your job becomes too easy or too challenging

  • Your pay packet makes you crazy

  • You don’t get on with the people you work with

  • You’d like more responsibility or a better environment


You have goals and aspirations, so you need to find a role that matches your ambitions. ACT NOW!


Firstly – tidy up your social media profile. Keep your work profile high and your private stuff private!


You can search hundreds of roles on the internet by location, salary or role. Don’t just get stuck on using one method or site, look at everything that comes up on the first page of the search engine. Register your details with several job boards and sign up for job alerts, so you’ll be amongst the first to know when something new comes up.


Read the papers – yes, we know it’s a more traditional way to do things, but local papers are often an excellent way to find a job based near to where you live.


If you have a specific industry skill, check out trade publications – there are some great resources online.


Loads of companies use social media to recruit and if there is a company that you’d really like to work for look at their website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages as they often advertise jobs here.


Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so network with friends and family, tell them what interests you – people love to help.

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