Never pay a finders fee again!

I believe some business models are outdated.

And I firmly believe the traditional recruitment agency is one of these. In fact, I’ve seen first-hand that this model does not work – for the agency and for its clients.

Let me explain why…

As you know, agencies get paid a finder’s fee. And if you’ve ever used a recruitment agency, you’ll know this fee can be hefty.

Do you know why that fee is so high?

If you’re like most people, you probably think the fee is a reflection of the quality of candidate the agency can find.


Instead, the fee is high because traditional agencies only get paid IF a client hires. As a result, agencies only get paid for a percentage of the work that they do.

In other words, they do A LOT of work for free.


This is a tough way to do business. I ran an agency in the past and I felt this pain first-hand.

But you’re a client, so why should you care? After all, the agency is taking all the risk. That has to be a good thing, right?

Not exactly…

You see the success of your recruitment process is dependent on the quality of your applicant pool… And the quality of your applicant pool is directly related to your job advert and its visibility. It’s not cheap to give your advert the high visibility it needs to attract the very best people. So is it any surprise that recruitment agencies may be selective as to where they post your vacancy – so they can cut costs (and reduce their financial risk)?

Just to be clear… Unless your vacancy is posted on all the top ranked boards – PLUS the right selection of industry specific and geographical sites – the quality of your applicant pool will be compromised.

In short, you’ll get less choice (and you could miss that perfect person).

This is where flat fee recruitment is different…

Finder’s fees are scrapped and instead you pay a one-off, fixed cost to cover the work that we do on your behalf.

Your upfront fee means no corners are cut.

But more than that…

Flat free recruitment is NOT the poor cousin of the traditional agency. Remember, it’s the candidate attraction strategy, which kick-starts the recruitment process. A great job ad that’s highly visible will translate into quality applicants.

Pick the flat fee route and you could find that we’ll attract THE SAME people as a traditional agency… and due to the high visibility of your and, we could help you find someone even better. The only difference is you’ll pay £100s rather than £1000s for the service.

If you’re interested to know more simply check out our website. Even better, give us a quick call on 01923 431 789 and we can chat about how this process could work for you.

So say goodbye to high finder’s fees and let’s speak soon.

P.S. You’re not alone… Flat fee recruitment is trusted by a whole host of savvy SMEs. Check out our testimonials HERE.

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