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Why Employee Benefits are Big Factors in Recruitment Campaigns

When you're hiring people, recruiting for a new role needs to be approached with a clear understanding of the sort of candidates that you want to draw. It’s important to know what experiences, skills and passions you want to see apparent in applications. But to be able to attract those particular candidates, you need to have clarity on what they are looking for – and concentrate on those points in your job postings. Understanding why job seekers are looking for a new job helps give us a clearer understanding of what they might be looking for. These can vary immensely from role to role and application to application. Some applicants could be looking for a new challenge, or a company culture that aligns more solidly with their passions, others could be looking to join an organisation that they hold in high regard. But there is one factor across all job postings that will certainly play a part – employee benefits. Including employee benefits in your job postings is almost a way of incentivising the cream of prospective applicants into applying. Although they range from industry to industry, benefits are held in high regard and in some case err on the side of expectation. For this reason, they have become big factors in recruitment campaigns and should always be carefully considered. Examples of potential employee benefits vary. Regardless of the level that is sustainable by a business, without them a job posting is inherently one way. Benefits are a way of showing how your employees will be appreciated throughout their time with you. Here are some examples that across different levels: Holidays and remote days Holidays are something of an expectation for potential candidates, however many businesses forget to include details about the amount of leave that can be expected. Alongside statutory paid holiday for each role, many organisations offer extra single days off such as for holidays. Remote working has also become an office extra that can help rejuvenate a team and has the added bonus of an air of flexibility. Office environment and cultural benefits Offices and working environments with specially purposed break out areas should be sure to include them in their postings. Features such as relaxed corners and recreational games facilities can be a big draw to certain employees, particularly Millennials. When you describe the kind of place your business is to work in, focus on cultural points such as a focus on collaboration founded on team values of communication and encouragement. Monetary incentives and recreational discounts As businesses have grown to appreciate the positive effects of exercise in relation to work-related stresses, many organisations now offer gym memberships to new employees. This incentive can be beneficial to both parties as healthy workers are less prone to illness and therefore on the higher end of the spectrum of productivity. Other leisure discounts related to the kind of people that you want to attract, such as food and drink or for the cinema, can also be a great draw. Healthcare and personal coverage By 2018 all employers will have to automatically enrol staff in a workplace pension. Depending on the nature of your organisation, employees will have a certain percentage in mind that they want to save, so allowing for flexibility can be useful and attractive. Healthcare, particularly private dental care, can also be an attractive offer. Finding and hiring the right people for each role is integral to the growth of your business. To see how eRecruitSmart could help you get in touch today.

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