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Stepmania 3.9 Songs - Christley Game Download




360.00_0_1_2. Hello My name is Mz cary and I enjoy to play here. This game was so fun I just had to make a download page. This game is best played with the DJ and a turn based style game, so that the player can hear the music on their own. The songlist is fairly long and the player can select songs from their libraries from the DJ screen. You can also choose to play with your own playlists, provided you have added it to your personal library. This game is so much fun and I hope you like it! :D The DJ In this game you choose songs by either drumming on the screen, or through a playlist screen. You can switch songs while the song is playing, or get a DJ screen to add the next song. The song itself is turn based with the turn order determined by who’s on the DJ screen. You get 3 choices when your song finishes; A) You can add a song from your own library. B) You can skip the next song. C) You can add the next song from your library. If you have completed the Song and Are you ready?, you can play a free song or a song you have in your own library by choosing the second option, and then adding it to the next song in the songlist. So basically, all you have to do is press the play button and beat on the screen as it plays your song! What you have to do is beat on the screen and as the beat matches the beat of the song it plays. If you hit on the time at the correct beat for the song, you will be rewarded with a point. You can only add one song at a time, so you don’t have to worry about songs being removed from your library. There is a button at the top to change songs, and the lyrics are shown on the screen. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you to all the viewers who left comments on the download. It really means a lot to me that you enjoy this game! :D - Mz Cary Popular Games: If you enjoyed this game, then let me know! :) Make sure to check out my other games and videos! Also please consider subscribing and leaving me a nice comment, your support really means a lot to me! THE DJ




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Stepmania 3.9 Songs - Christley Game Download
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